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IP Parks Master Plan Implementation Early Phase

Parks & Recreation

Time Status:

Budget Status:

Percent Complete: 85%

Start Date: 10/01/2020

End Date: 01/31/2021

Fiscal Year 2021 implementation for the Parks and Recreation’s master plan will include staff development of departmental policies and procedures; the creation of social media and a technology processes, which will include the hiring of new staff, along with the purchase of new hardware and software platforms. Updates to job descriptions, asset and materials inventory and the on-going
creation of individual park files will be implemented throughout the fiscal year. Opportunities to advance these processes may be added by the implementation of additional master plan contractor items.

The Master Plan is a 15-year project. Annually staff identifies parts of the plan to implement. Staff presented phases to the Commission at the October workshop.  The project will remain ongoing.


Hired Coordinator of Information Technology

Restructured office staff to provide enhanced guest services

Hired Recreation Specialist to enhance program offerings 

Enhanced roles of coordinators to further involve in budget formation, strategic planning and leadership roles

Reintroduced Park Rangers – hired one full-time and three part-timer rangers 

Reorganized department’s table of organization to improve position relationships, employee communication and collaboration between divisions 


Upgrades to RecTrac software and introduction of WebTrac program to community for on-line registrations

Added new registration board to Coral Springs Gym for on-site registrations

GPS identified park assets to incorporate into new Tyler Technologies programs for asset and inventory management

Implemented new membership registration technology at Tennis Center


Reorganized special events to Department of Emergency Management and Special Events for better citywide event coordination

Applied a ceiling for annual special events, focusing on return on investment; established budgetary targets for events

Revise and refresh long standing events starting with July 4th

Determined equitable organization structure for best use of city personnel 


Updated department maintenance manuals – identified routine operations for maintenance functions, better organized staff for long term projects


Establish nature-based programs for families – utilize ESL’s and partner with Broward County, Sawgrass Nature Center, Coral Springs/Rotary Community Garden and local Master Gardeners

Implemented Family Fun Nights at the Coral Springs Gymnasium

Implemented virtual programs for seniors – enhanced senior wellness programs at Aquatic Complex

Established facility specific maintenance procedures based on park classification and acceptable standards

Establish guest service standards, implement employee performance standards for customer service expectations

Park rangers document park use concerns on iPads. Interactions and outcomes are reviewed by supervisors to address reoccurring issues, enforcement of department policies and improve customer service 


New splashpad under construction at Betti Stradling Park. Expected to open July 2022.  

Installation of playground, swings and canopy at Westchester Park - Completed

Phase one enhancements of Kiwanis Park, including new playground and plans for new community recreation center - Playground scheduled to be installed April 2022. 

8 Pickleball courts introduced to Cypress Park – 2 new basketball courts are under construction at Cypress Hammock Park. opening expected in June 2022.

Implemented capital improvements through park system, making enhancements to facilities and amenities

Constructed a wellness room at the Aquatic Complex – repurposing a storage room into a revenue center

Constructed an outdoor fitness area at the Aquatic Complex – offering members and visitors a variety of fitness opportunities while outdoors

Operating Budget:
Capital Budget:
Initiatives: On Target Closed Out/Completed | IP On Target/In Progress | Below Plan Behind Schedule/Late | DN Discussion NeededR/W Retreat/Workshop Item | D Delay/Hold | N No Milestone | Not Defined Not Defined
Initiatives: On Target Closed Out/Completed | IP On Target/In Progress | Below Plan Behind Schedule/Late | DN Discussion Needed | R/W Retreat/Workshop Item | D Delay/Hold | N No Milestone | Not Defined Not Defined

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